Performance Dashboard

Today, we are working on a Reporting Dashboard system, an IT system solution overhauling project in undisclosed organization. We use to operate and maintain a reporting system, a really old system but it is so important, we put several our engineers to maintain and operate the system, really, really close.


This Reporting System, made us thinks that we could make it better, and our partner thinks so, too. A modular architecture, cloud-based, IT Reporting Dashboard system on big data platform is on its way to replace the old Reporting System.

Wait, Big Data? On a Reporting Dashboard System? Why?

Well, text-mining, reports streaming, on clustered NoSQL platform is what our partner needs. They need to address their operational challenges, and our solution fit in. Our solution involves RDBMS to NoSQL integration and migration, thanks to Foreign Data Wrapper and Spark SQL, and many other open source solution, this system is on its way. We love open source.

We also designed a Mining Production Monitoring System for PT. Darmahenwa, which gathered and visualized data from the field and their existing system. They love it.